Instapilot Review – Automating Your Instagram Marketing

Welcome to my InstaPilot Review. Here we have an app that’s great for automating your Instagram marketing. I’m just not sure why you should be restricting yourself just to Instagram… Skip my review to visit InstaPilot Review offical site NOW!!!


InstaPilot – Overview

  1. Product: InstaPilot
  2. Creator: Sam Bakker & Victory Akpos
  3. Focus on: Software
  4. Launch Date: 2017-Mar-01
  5. Launch Time: 11:00 am EST
  6. Price: $37 – $77
  7. Over Review:
  9. Niche: General

What Is InstaPilot?

InstaPilot helps you to increase your following & promote your Instagram profile or company profile. It does it by enabling you to completely manage your profile posting, communication & engagement with Instagram users.

You can also spy on your competition and follow the people who are following your competitors (this gives you an unfair advantage).

About creator

Sam Bakker was born in 1988 in Christchurch, formally known as the ‘garden city’ of New Zealand. Sam showed a entrepreneurial streak from a young age and by age 13 had started his first business in his first year of high school selling drinks & chocolate bars around school. The business grew so fast that word got to the school’s cafeteria, Sam’s parents were called and he was asked to stop selling on school grounds.sam-bakker

After the early success he had had Sam turned online and invested the money he had made into the hottest new trend at the time (Mp3 players). Importing thousands of players from China and selling them locally as well as online by the age of just 16 Sam had already shifted over $120,000 worth of sales making over $60,000 profit from the venture…….[ Read more]

Sam Bakker’s products:

  • Video scrip 2.0
  • Social pop
  • Bolt Publisher (With Justin Burns)
  • Revamply (Edit any website without knowing code – with Rohit Shah)
  • Swift Member (With O.J. James)
  • Run A Webinar (With Rohit Shah)
  • MemberFactory (With Deep Arora & Stefan van der Vlag)
  • Social Connect Lead Generating Chat System (With Karthik Ramani)

Who should use instapilot?

This software is for anyone who wants their brand popularity instagram and businesses to boost growth in sales and profits. it helps an individual or a company to achieve a large number of spectators and offer to their functions have an advantage over their rivals.

Instapilot function that contains everything you need to learn and get that goal. Therefore, entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers are consistent with this software.

The full detailed features of InstaPilot

√ INBOX: Users can check their instagram account inbox right from the web app and reply their messages.

INTEGRATION: Ability to integrate single or multiple instagram accounts and also remove them off the web app at anytime. Users can also edit the information on their profile and manage their profile from the web app.

√ SEARCH: Users can perform a keyword based search of pictures/videos or both on Hashtags, Geotags, Post and Users. Thereafter users can perform the following actions on the search result; like, comment, autopost the picture or video to their profile or multiple instagram account connected to the web app, post the media as story to their instagram profile, download the images into their local computer or gallery in the web app, also share the images to their audience (followers/following of their profile).

You can as well follow the followers and following of the listed users based on your keyword, as well send them a direct message (users can use the feature to promote their products/services to their potential clients based on keywords).

TRENDING POSTS & HASHTAGS: Users at a glance you can see trending posts & hashtags based on their instagram most carried out activity (based on the kind of pictures/videos they like and comment on). Users can further like the trending post & comment on them to gain attention to their profile, autopost to their profile, post as story or share with their audience (followers and following), download the images into their local computer or gallery in the web app, users can also share the images to their audience (followers/following of their profile)., send a direct message to all users of the trending items.

AUTO-ENGAGEMENT: You can perform several auto engage actions like; Auto comment, Auto Like, Auto follow, Auto follow back, Auto Unfollow etc based on targeted settings like tags, usernames, location etc. There is a report for this that shows clearly the progress made for all the auto engage actions.

MANAGE FOLLOWERS: Users of InstaPilot can use this feature to select all his/her followers and follow them all with a click of the mouse or select specific users and follow them at once etc. Also importantly, users can click on a particular user to find out details of the profile, recent activities, see their following/followers and then decide to follow an individual or them all by selecting all or ticking specific users to follow. Users can use this feature to drag the market share of their competitors by engaging with their competitor’s audience. Users can also promote their products by sending a direct message to all their followers inbox.

MANAGE FOLLOWING: Users of InstaPilot can use this feature to select all his/her following and unfollow them as a bulk action or select specific users to unfollow etc. Also importantly, users can click on a particular profile he is following to find out details of the profile, recent activities, see their own following/followers and then decide to follow an individial or them all by selecting all or ticking specific users to follow/unfollow. Users can use this feature to drag the market share of their competitors by engaging with their competitor’s audience. Users can also promote their products/services by sending a direct message to all their following profiles inbox.

AUTO-POST: Users can post images & videos from the web to their instagram profile. They can make an instant post or schedule a post to be posted in the future. Images or videos can be selected from their gallery where downloaded images are stored or from their local computer. Users can post to single or multiple accounts at once.

STORY POST: Users of InstaPilot can use this new feature to share all the moments of their day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.
With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead, you can share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed. So marketers can use this feature to showcase their new products. Users can post to single or multiple accounts at once.

√ DIRECT MESSAGING: Users can send message to an individual follower/following or select all their followers/following and send direct message to them all. Marketing wise they can use instapilot to advertise their product. Also under search they can find profiles relating to their keywords and send them direct message.

YOUTUBE TO INSTAGRAM: Users can search for youtube videos right from the web app based on keywords, preview and post it to their Instagram profile. The web app automatically cut it to the allowed timeframe supported by Instagram.

ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION: This feature is an exciting one as it enables InstaPilot user to engage and sell their affiliate products to their instagram audience. Users will create a store on the app, get their unique store link updated in their instagram profile, update their affiliate details of amazon, ebay, aliexpress and shopify, import product into their store on instapilot from any of the supported affiliate platforms. Users can upload a logo they want the store to have and a store name.

MANAGE STORE: This is where users input their preferred call to action they want to append to all products posted from their store on instapilot to their instagram profile. This is basically where they manage their products like post to instagram profile, schedule for future posting, post product on Facebook & Twitter, share product details with their Instagram followers/following, delete from store etc.

ANALYTICS: This is where users get report of the result of auto-engagement actions. Web app reports the number of likes, comments, follow a profile has gotten etc.

GALLERY: This is where users can download any images or video they find interesting while searching on keywords for later usage. They can also download trending images into gallery or upload images and videos from their local computer into gallery for them to post to their instagram profile.



  • Clear and beautiful interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • From the control panel, you can see all key functions instantly.
  • Promote creativity.
  • Effectively in a short period of use.


  • There are many tools and integration  in this Web application. So, you will lose a lot of time in mastering them.

Price: only 37$

Now, for $ 37 you already own is a very useful software. to enable all the other functions, you can check our prices below. Instapilot is not too expensive for a great tool than you think.  Act now because after the product launch. The product will increase day by day. Remember that you can try it for 30 days.




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